How to Search for Words article How To Search for words (1) The word “word” in a sentence refers to the most recent or most common word that is in use.

For example, the word “nail” is a common word in English, but the word nail is only found in German.

So, to search in German for the word nails, you would search for the German word nail, which is not found in English.

(2) The word “bark” is the sound of a dog barking.

(3) The first two letters of “breeze” are the same as those of “creeper.”

(4) The letter “a” in “am” is not an accent, it is a consonant.

(5) The sound of “r” in the word ais pronounced as “ro” in English and “r,” which means “run.”

(6) The vowel in “f” in an English word is pronounced as a long, slow, and rounded vowel.

(7) The “f-stop” sound is found in “d” in words like “dear.”

(8) The words “y” and “n” are not part of a syllable.

(9) The letters “r”, “s”, and “t” are pronounced the same way in English as in other languages.

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