The US government has issued a warning to internet companies that they are not allowed to block fake news sites in the wake of a controversial decision to shut down fake news website The Onion, saying that it could be used by cyber criminals.

The warning issued by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) says that the sites can still be accessed, but they must be flagged in a way that prevents them from being accessed in the future.

The ruling comes after a ruling by the US Supreme Court which upheld a lower court decision that blocked the blocking of websites such as The Onion.

In the ruling, the justices ruled that the court had no jurisdiction to make such a blanket rule against websites that don’t fall under the jurisdiction of a federal court.

The decision was the latest setback for the controversial decision by President Donald Trump to shutter several of the websites he has targeted, including The Onion and the website run by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU).

In a statement, the FTC said that it had made the recommendation to ensure that websites do not appear in a black box that is capable of being used by a cybercriminal to defraud the public.

“If a website is listed as being blocked by a court, we may have a duty to notify the court and request a temporary restraining order to block the website,” the FTC wrote.

“We will be following the FTC’s guidance and acting within our jurisdiction to ensure a safe, reliable and free internet.”

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