I love the word “pass”.

I think it’s a great word.

It’s aspirational.

It reminds me of a promise I made to myself that I would write a story that would be like the word.

I thought, “That’s the way I like to write.

That’s how I like writing.”

But it turned out that I didn’t know how to do it.

I had no idea how to get people to care about my story.

And I was frustrated because I was writing this story that was, like, a joke.

So I thought maybe I could write a little story that I thought was a little bit different.

The way I’ve written it, it’s not really a story about being a superhero, it is about being kind of a geek.

I think that that was kind of the goal.

I really wanted to have fun with it, but I also wanted to do something different.

So that was the first story I wrote.

And then after that I had two stories that were like, “Oh my god, this is a little more serious.”

And then I had a story where I didn’ actually talk about my life at all.

I didn t really talk about what happened to me when I was 14, but there were a lot of parallels between me and my mom, like how she was a geek and my dad was a nerd.

It was more about the way my mom and my father grew up and what kind of role models they were and what it was like to be a kid in their family.

And the thing that I found was that my parents were more likely to be like, I wanna be a writer than like, they wanna be an astronaut.

My mom was really into being a doctor and I’m really into math.

And my dad is a nerd, so he was like, well, I guess I’m not interested in that.

I kind of just took that as a compliment.

I took that compliment and I said, “Okay, I’m gonna do it.”

And I started writing.

Then I had three more stories.

And, in each one, the first one, I didn”t have any characters.

I was just like, okay, let’s just go with this one.

I wrote a story called “My Name is,” about a guy who goes to the zoo with his family and he goes to a zoo called The Zoo.

And his family is really nerdy and they love The Zoo and they have a really big room where they can play and it”s really quiet.

And they have some weird games they”re playing.

And one day, his father gets up and he is like, no, it”ll be better to go to the other zoo, so my father says, “I won”t let you go.

He”ll bring you here with him.”

And he brings him over.

And he”ll have a big group of kids.

And there”s like, these kids are not really in the mood to play.

But they”ll do it anyway.

And after a while, they start laughing at him because he”s just like a little kid.

And everyone is like.

Oh my god!

And he is really like a nerd and the other kids are just like: Wow, he is just the coolest kid.

The kids start playing with him and they play like he is a super hero.

So my father goes and goes, “No, no no, no!

It”s gonna be cool!

You can”t do that!”

And I go and go, “Yeah, yeah, yeah.

No, no.



And my father went and he was mad at me, but then he just started crying.

And so, I think he was really angry.

I never got to talk about it.

It happened so quickly, I was like “Oh, God.”

And the next day, I go, you know, I got to be careful with this story.

Because I”m going to tell you this, but the kids in The Zoo are just totally not into it.

They”re just like “No!” and they are all like, [crosstalk] “No no no!

We need to go back to the real zoo!”

And my parents are like, how do you know that?

And I’m like, that”s what they told me.

And that was it.

That was it, I had never written anything like that.

It had never occurred to me to write something like that before.

But then I started doing a lot more.

And now, I have three more short stories and then a few more short films and a few other projects.

And each one of those stories is a great story.

But I think in the end, it was my biggest challenge in writing this short story.

So if you have kids, it will take a long time to figure out how to write for them.

But you should do it if you want to

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