Solomont was a Scottish-born explorer and navigator who was an adventurer who lived for the adventure of his day.

His most famous voyage was the Solomonic Expedition in the 13th century.

It included the journey to the South Pole and eventually, to the Cape of Good Hope.

Solomonson’s first wife, Mary, died in 1819, leaving her three sons, two brothers and a sister.

Mary had three children.

In 1827, she and the three boys were married to John Solomond, the son of a Scottish baronet.

They were living at Solomans house, in Edinburgh, and it was named after him.

In 1888, they bought a large house on the site of the family house.

In 1893, John Soloman died, leaving his sons John, Robert and John.

They sold their house and began building a new home on the property.

They had a daughter, Ella.

John Soloms wife, Elizabeth, died aged 80 in 1906.

John died in 1921.

Elizabeth married William T. Campbell, who had been a lawyer and later became an English professor.

William and Elizabeth had a son, Charles.

In 1922, Charles was born, but the family moved to Scotland, where Charles was raised.

Charles and his brother, George, became successful businessmen.

They started a firm called Campbell and Solomonds and bought land near the Soloms home in the town of Fife.

Charles became interested in mining and ran his own business.

In 1929, he sold the company to his sons, George and William, and began a mining operation.

Charles sold the mines in Fife in the 1960s.

His sons John and Robert were also involved in mining, and later they also opened a mining company, Solomones Mining.

In the late 1980s, the Solmans bought the mining company from the Campbell family.

In 1998, Solmons Mining was sold to the United States, where they have since been owned by the Solmons family.

Solmones Mining is still active in the Scottish and Irish mining communities.

In 2006, the Campbells became the largest shareholder in Solomains family firm, Solamond, Ltd.

The company has had an annual turnover of £1.3 billion.

SoloMons family owns a number of properties in the UK.

Its current property, The Solomors, is situated at Lough Derg, in East Ayrshire.

Soloman is survived by his wife and three sons.

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