’s weekly NBA playoff preview features a look at who to watch in each round of the NBA playoffs.

Here’s a look inside the top 10 teams in the NBA playoff picture:10.

Indiana Pacers (44-14)Record: 14-1 (Last week: 8)The Pacers are a strong favorite to win the East and their record has been in steady decline the past few years.

The team has played just 12 games in the postseason, a record that’s been set only once since 2004.

It has gone through four coaches and four head coaches since 2004, and the only other time was the 2015-16 season when the team was 10-23 and went through the lottery.

The Pacers are also the only team in the East with a winning record in their past five games.9.

Houston Rockets (43-14-1)Record (through Tuesday): 8-5 (Last Week: 8, LW: 9)Houston is currently in fourth place in the West and will face the Los Angeles Lakers in the first round of this season’s playoffs.

The Rockets have gone to seven games since the All-Star break, including six in a row since they played the Lakers.

This was a team that lost a record-setting 12 games to finish the season last season.8.

Sacramento Kings (39-15-2)Record(through Tuesday: 11)Sacramento has won six straight games and will play the Houston Rockets in the second round of next season’s NBA playoffs if they make it.

The Kings have a 3-1 record since the break, which is their longest winning streak since they had four straight victories in the 2007-08 season.

This is also their longest losing streak since winning nine straight from Jan. 1-Feb. 6, 2007.7.

Milwaukee Bucks (42-15)Record at home: 11-5-1(Last Week : 10)The Bucks will face a Portland Trail Blazers team that has won two in a week.

Milwaukee has gone 6-0 in its past seven road games.

This has been the Bucks best record at home since they went to seven straight road wins in the 2011-12 season.6.

Chicago Bulls (42.2-16)Recordat home: 7-6-1After losing their first four games at home, the Bulls have since won five straight at home and will take on the Denver Nuggets in the next round.

Chicago has won five of its past six games at the United Center and is 10-6 there in the last 12 games.5.

Indiana Warriors (42)Recordhome: 8-3-0 (Last Wednesday: 8)-(LW: 4)The Warriors are a solid playoff favorite heading into the third round, and they are a lot closer to a home victory than they were in the season opener against the Detroit Pistons.

This will be the Warriors third straight game against a Western Conference team and they’re 8-2 in the series.

They have won five in a stretch against Western Conference opponents.4.

San Antonio Spurs (40.2)Home: 5-4 (Last Tuesday: 9)-(W: 3)The Spurs are a playoff favorite and will meet the Houston Bobcats in the fourth round of playoff play.

San Antonians will be hoping for a win against a division rival that has struggled with home losses.3.

Los Angeles Clippers (38)Home : 5-3 (Last Thursday: 6)The Clippers will face an Indiana Pacers team that’s in last place in both the West standings and in the Eastern Conference standings.

This marks the fifth time this season that the Clippers have played the Pacers in the playoffs, but the last time was when they went 5-13 in their first nine games of the season.2.

Minnesota Timberwolves (38.5)Home:- 5-2 (Last Monday: 7)The Timberwolves have played their past three games in Minnesota, with the first two games being losses.

The Wolves are 4-1 in the past six in the state of Minnesota.

They will be facing the Philadelphia 76ers in the third-round of the playoffs.1.

Chicago Wolves (37.8)Home:(W: 6)- 5-1The Bulls have won six in consecutive games, with victories in four of their last six games.

They’ve lost their last four home games.

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