Words on Google.com are one of the biggest search engines in the world.

Words like “bubble” or “word games” can make for a fun way to browse the internet.

While they can be an excellent way to search for words, the search engine has recently come under fire for their role in the creation of fake news articles.

According to a recent report, a growing number of people are now resorting to online word games to gain access to news.

Word games are often created in real time using software called WordSpot, which can generate fake news and misinformation from websites.

The company has even been found to generate fake headlines and headlines from popular articles on the internet, which have been published on other sites.

Word games can be useful for those who are looking to find specific keywords or words to search.

But some people have complained that they are becoming more dangerous as the number of fake articles on Google has risen.

The company has said that it has been investigating how it can better prevent users from becoming a victim of fake headlines, as well as the creation and spread of fake stories on the site.

“We are aware of this issue and are working with Google to develop a better way to prevent and detect fake news on the website,” a spokesperson told ET.

However, WordSpot has faced criticism for the creation, distribution and sharing of fake content on the service.

The spokesperson said that the software has “been tested and confirmed to work for over 2 million unique words across multiple languages” and has been working well.

“The issue has been flagged as a priority by Google and a number of changes have been made to address the issue,” the spokesperson added.

The spokesperson said it is “important that we ensure that our tools and services do not inadvertently create and spread fake content,” adding that the company is working with “Google and other organisations” to “address the issue”.

According to research firm Search Engine Land, Google has more than 13.8 million domains for word games and related search terms.

According to the research, Word Spot is used by about 3 million users every day.

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