The search giant has been cracking down on spanish words and words in English that it deems to be offensive or confusing to other people.

Its been doing the same for many years, with words like “sushi” and “chocolate” now included in its list of banned words.

But it has expanded to include more words in the United States and Canada, where some of those words are more commonly used, according to data compiled by the American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language.

That includes the word “sneaker” which is banned in Canada.

There’s also “biker” which was banned in England in 2004.

Here’s a look at the top 10 most popular words in Canada in 2017:  American Heritage Dictionary: ___________________ “Spain” is the most commonly used word in the country.

“English” and Spanish are the two most popular languages.

__________________ American Heritage dictionary: _____________________________________ “English,” the official language of the United Kingdom, is the second most popular language in Canada with 2.6 million speakers, followed by “Canadian,” with 2 million and “English.”

___________________________________ American Heritage: ___________ “English and Spanish, the official languages of the two countries, are the second-most popular languages in Canada.”

_____________________ American _____________________________”English and French, the two official languages in France, are both the second and third most popular national languages, behind Spanish.”

_____________ “French is the official French language, while English is the national language of Canada.”

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