The Texas State Capital has been a focal point for political battles in recent years.

Now, new faces are taking over the building, which was once a home for the U.S. Senate.

The new faces include new state Sen. J.C. Austin and Rep. Bill Cassidy.

They’ll be joined by new members of the Texas House of Representatives.

Here are their stories.

J.C., a state Sen., has been in the Texas Legislature for three years.

Austin, who represents Houston, is also the Texas GOP chairman.

Bill Cassidy, who was elected to Congress in the Lone Star State in 2010, represents the western suburbs of Dallas.

He was elected in 2010 and is a Republican.

He is also a state representative.

Bill Austin, a Democratic representative from Dallas-Fort Worth, won his congressional district in November.

He has a history of voting against gun control measures and is known for being a supporter of the Second Amendment.

Cassidy, a member of the state House of Representative since 2009, is a member who has long pushed for tougher gun control.

He recently signed into law legislation to limit ammunition magazines and require background checks for all gun sales.

He also has sponsored legislation that would have banned abortion in Texas.

Texas Rep. Patrick Toomey is the only openly gay Republican in the House.

He said his primary goal is to help Texans find jobs, get the health care they need and ensure the sanctity of our Constitution.

The Capitol is being used to host debates on issues from gay rights to abortion, immigration, and school funding.

It is also where the Texas state Capitol is the main meeting place for the state’s legislature.

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