Aarp has launched a word search engine that aims to eliminate the use of a single word in online search queries.

Read more”It’s a word-wipe app that you can use when you want to find words you are looking for, but you don’t know what to search for,” CEO of Aarp Shukla told News24.

Aarp has built a word tool to automatically scan for words like “dancing”, “wrestling” and “snowboarding” in search terms, and then remove the offending words from your search results.

To use Aarp, simply enter a word in the search box.

A search engine will search for it and remove it from the search results, as well as all other similar words.

A word search is also used in some online content providers such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

“We want to make it so that you will not need to do any more searching.

The way we do it is by just using the first few words that come to mind,” Shuklai added.

Users can also filter out a particular word from their search results by clicking the filter button.

Aarp is available for iOS and Android devices, but the company has plans to roll it out to desktop and desktop-only devices.

In its latest news release, Aarp said that the word search tool was a product of an “active collaboration” with its users and that it would provide users with the “first-ever word-swipe experience”.

“We believe word-searching is one of the most effective ways of improving our users’ search experience.

In fact, word-matching is more effective than traditional search engines,” Shouklai said.”

As we have said, word search has been around for a long time and it is the one method we are looking at to solve the problem of using a single single word for searching.”

In the future, we hope to offer more innovative ways of word search.

We will continue to refine our search engine and offer it in new languages.

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