When the word ‘crap’ was invented in the 1960s, it was used by Australians to describe someone who was not up to scratch.

Now, it’s a pejorative term that can be applied to anyone who dares to suggest otherwise.

In a survey conducted by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), the word was found to be the most commonly used swear word among Australian men aged between 16 and 39.

The term has fallen out of favour in recent years, with the word’s usage plummeting from a peak of 41 per cent of men in 2006-07 to just 15 per cent in 2014-15.

But it may have hit a wall, because the word now carries a negative connotation.

Men’s attitudes towards the word are changing, but the term still holds a negative stigma.

The survey found that nearly a quarter of men were less likely to say they thought the word meant to mean ‘not nice’ when used by a female friend.

When used by men, the word has become associated with the “bait and switch” strategy of using a negative word to gain a perceived advantage.

“The term chickenhit has fallen from favour among Australian males in recent times, which suggests that there is a significant amount of male discomfort with using the word,” Dr David Whitehead from the Australian National University said.

A survey of Australian men revealed that the word dropped from 43 per cent to 13 per cent over the past five years.

What does ‘chickenhit’ mean?

Chickenhit is a derogatory term for a woman who has a negative opinion of a man.

It refers to a woman with an opinion of someone that is not up the ante, but who has not got the guts to say something negative about a man that is in her opinion.

Some examples of chickenhit include:A woman who is a bitch about men, even if they’re not as bad as the guy she has a lot of respect for.

The phrase is also used to refer to someone who is so far out of their league as to be considered a “chick” and a “bitch”.

When a man is caught with his pants down, he’s probably chickenhit.

The word is used to describe people who have a negative view of someone.

You may find it difficult to believe that a woman would be so ignorant as to use a term that is meant to describe a woman.

Dr Whitehead said it was important that men not use the term “chicken” to describe themselves.

“[There is] a very, very negative connotations attached to the word and there is no reason to use it,” he said.

“The word should not be used by any person who is not able to handle it.”

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