The word “little” has many meanings, but the one that seems to have the most to do with it is a child’s word for their mother or father.

In a video posted on YouTube, an English teacher in France said she could not explain why she chose to call the word a “little word” rather than “baby’s word”.

It turns out that the term “little words” is a very old word, dating back to the Middle Ages, and the French word “la vie” means to “lose”, according to Wikipedia.

The word is not a new concept.

In English, “little”, which is often spelled “little bit”, is used in the phrase “little thing”.

“Little word” is also used in French.

“Little thing” was originally used in a song by British pop band The Rolling Stones in 1962.

In the song, the band used the word to describe their song.

“This little word I got from a boy’s name,” sang the singer, “that’s what a little thing is.

The little thing that is”.

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