Hank Wordens’ name has been used to refer to a certain type of shoe.

The name has also been used as a generic term for the type of sneakers the company makes, as well as in connection to a particular type of product that they sell.

This week, the company is in the news for announcing that it has changed its name from Hank Shoes to Hank Wunderwear. 

The name change has led to some confusion, as Hank is the name of a famous basketball player.

But it is actually Hank Wunders, the name Hank Wordans first born son.

Hank was named after Hank Wundt, the legendary NBA basketball player, who was a two-time champion for the Milwaukee Bucks in the 1960s and 1970s.

Hank Wordens first name, in other words.

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