A game that originated in a city far away from Ottawa and has been played by Canadians for generations has arrived in the capital.

The game is called the scramble, a name that is still being used in the city, and is played with the game cards.CBC News sat down with some of the players to find out what makes the game so special.

Here are the rules:1.

Players start with one card, a red one and a blue one.2.

The player with the most cards wins.3.

The other player takes the remaining cards and then draws one from his or her hand.4.

The card with the lowest number wins.5.

The game ends when the number of cards in the player’s hand is equal to or less than the number on the red card.6.

If the player with a lower number wins, he or she must play the remaining red cards.7.

If he or her opponent has no cards left, he has to play two cards from his hand.8.

If a player has no red cards left but his or she has no blue cards left and no cards on the blue cards, he must play one card from his left hand.9.

If there are no cards remaining on the left hand, the remaining players then swap places.10.

If two players have no cards in their hands and a third player has one, the third player wins.11.

The third player gets to play his or the other player’s cards.12.

If neither player has a card in his or their hand, they are given a choice: play a card from their hand or a card of their choice.13.

The winner is the one who has the highest number of hands.14.

If no one has a hand of cards, the game ends.

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