It’s not just the words that get people to say “thank you.”

Some words also get people the feeling that their boss is really grateful for them.

That can be a powerful way to show appreciation for a company or a boss.

We asked a panel of experts to share how words from the alphabet can get people talking.1.

‘Thank me’2.

‘I love you’3.

‘It’s so nice to see you’4.


‘We all miss you’6.

‘Your smile makes me feel like I’m living in a dream’7.

‘Just because you have so much to do doesn’t mean you can’t get something done’8.

‘Hey, thank you for the great dinner tonight’9.

‘A little bit of everything’10.

‘You’re a good man’11.

‘He’s my hero’12.

‘And you’re always there for me’13.

‘Don’t forget to pay your rent’14.


‘How’s it going?’16.

‘Take care’17.

‘Please forgive me’18.

‘Keep smiling’19.

‘Have fun’20.

‘Good luck’21.

‘Stay strong’22.

‘The next time you need a hug, just hug me’23.

‘Come and have a cup of coffee’24.

‘Be a good person’25.

‘Stop apologizing’26.

‘There’s always something new to discover’27.

‘Go for a run’28.

‘Make a new friend’29.

‘Love yourself’30.

‘This is just the beginning’31.

‘Let me know when I’m ready’32.

‘No need to hold back’33.

‘Never give up’34.

‘My name is Katie’35.

‘All the time’36.

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