Posted by Polygon on February 16, 2020 15:39:57When we think about video games as an art form, we think of their storyboards and artwork.

But in 2016, the medium took another step forward when the video game medium was given its own dedicated website.

This is how the video games industry is currently doing things, with the new Polygon video site.

The new Polygons site is an amalgamation of a number of different media outlets, with each publication presenting their own content in a variety of formats.

The first is the Polygon blog, which was launched in January.

We’ve had it on for three years now and it’s become our main platform to keep track of the news and updates from the video-game industry.

Polygon’s mission is to be a source of information for anyone interested in video games.

Polygon’s goal is to provide unbiased coverage of the video gaming industry.

It’s been that way for the past three years, and the team is proud to see the industry’s growth as a whole.

The Polygon team has also worked hard to create a website that is both visually appealing and easy to navigate.

The second major platform for Polygon content is the new video site, Polygon Video.

This new site is the first to be built specifically for the video industry.

The team was very careful to ensure the website’s design was as consistent as possible and to maintain the consistency of the platform’s design across platforms.

The design is based on the modern look of HTML5, making it simple and easy for anyone to navigate the site.

The website is completely free of ads.

The third major platform is the gaming community, where you can find video-gaming related news, features, videos, and articles.

The news is written by the Polygonese community and is updated every day.

The first post is the news section and features news, videos and features related to video games, as well as content related to the Polygamers.

The team is also working on the Polygamer, which is a website dedicated to the gaming industry and its players.

The project is in its infancy, but the Polygames are currently working on it.

This new Polygamer will be a platform for gamers to connect with Polygon and the Polygame community.

As part of the project, we’ve also started to build out our content library.

You can find all of the latest videos from Polygon as well in the Polygaming section.

As part of this project, the team has partnered with Twitch, the Twitch gaming platform that launched in March of 2017.

Polygames content will be displayed in the Twitch streaming service’s dedicated section.

The goal of the Twitch partnership is to bring the community and Polygoms content together to share, discuss, and share ideas.

The partnership is also designed to improve communication and interaction between the community, Polygamists, and Twitch.

While the team hasn’t decided what will be the next Polygamer platform, we’re excited to be able to share the news, reviews, and other content with the Polygroups, Polygists, Polygmists, etc. content that’s shared with Twitch.

The Polygamist platform has always been about giving Polygamistas the ability to share their thoughts on their favorite video games and games from other creators.

The site has always had a focus on gaming related content, and this partnership with Twitch is a great way to continue that.

We’ve worked closely with Polygamism to bring their platform to the next level and we look forward to seeing what the community brings to this next step in the journey of creating a new Polygamistic platform.

We hope you enjoy the new platform.

We are also excited to bring you more Polygist content as soon as it becomes available.

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