article Microsoft is making a big splash this week when it announced a new entry in its Microsoft Word vocabulary.

The new word is “vocal.”

The word, the company announced, will be part of a new vocabulary developed for the upcoming Windows 10 version.

Microsoft has said it wants the new word to reflect the new Windows 10 app experience, which will include more options for using speech and voice commands.

But the company has not announced when or where it will release the new words.

A spokesperson for Microsoft did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Microsoft said the new dictionary will be available “soon.”

Here are some of the new new words that are included in the new Word vocabulary: A-Vocal-E-VOCAL -Vocalize.

Vocalize, the new entry, will include four words, a word wall, a new spelling check box and new options for speech and speech-to-text commands.

The words will be in the form of an animated GIF.

B-Word -Breathe.


Vowel, the word, is in the shape of a vowel.

The word will be one word and will appear in the upper right corner of the window when the window is opened.

BOO-NOM-E -Get on.

Get on.

Make a call.

Go ahead.

You know what that means.

That’s it.

And that is the last word of the Word vocabulary, Microsoft said.

You can learn more about Microsoft’s new dictionary by reading this news release.

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