Words with the word search puzzle-related terms have the highest number of searchable search terms in the Australian language, according to a report published today by the Australian National University.

The report, which was based on the most popular search terms from Google and Bing, also found that “puzzle-solver” was the most common word for solving a puzzle.

The top five most popular words are: puzzle, puzzle solver, solve, solve solver and puzzle solvers.

“Puzzle solvers” is also the most searched word, according the report, and “puzzles” is second in terms of searches, with about 1.4 million searches per day.

Other popular words in the report include “play”, “play-a-long”, “to the end”, “time out”, “out of time”, “penny-pinching”, “a moment to laugh”, “mum and dad”, “dear father”, “grandpa”, “dad”, “mother”, “sister”, “brother”, “young man”, “husband”, “wife”, “lover”, “family member”, “friend”, “pet”, “teacher”, “work colleague”, “school friend”, “unemployed”, “hiring” and “career prospect”.

Search term Trends Australian National Bank report, July 2018, PDF, 18.9MB Advertisement A further 10% of the queries are for puzzles, and those queries are also the top searches for “puppet”, “cricket”, “dog”, “bricks”, “ball”, “football”, “kite” and more.

The most searched search terms for solving puzzles are: puzzles solver (8.7 million), puzzle solve (7.3 million), puzzlers (6.4 per cent), puzzle solveer (5.5 per cent).

Search terms Trends Australian NAB report, August 2018, pdf, 15.4MB Advertisement The report also found “pitch”, “roll”, “climb”, “stretch”, “gait”, “jumping”, “spinning”, “frozen”, “walking”, “flick”, “tackling” and the “piercing” were the most frequently searched search words.

A total of 8.2 million people searched for these terms in total, and that was the second highest number in the country.

Search query Trends Australian NTTA report, March 2018, 6.6MB Advertisement The report also looked at the search queries for words and phrases related to “the search”.

Words and phrases associated with “the Google search” include: google, google search, google searcher, google searches, google results, google queries, google, search, search results, search engine, search terms, google words, google terms, Google, search engines, search query, google source Google (Australia), July 2018.

The “the google search” has been the subject of much debate in the years since Google acquired the company in 2011, with many questioning whether it was a proper part of the search engine’s service.

Google said in a statement that it uses “a variety of techniques to improve our products, including the use of a number of different kinds of automated technologies to search and index content, including a search engine that uses human search queries to build search results”.

The study found that the top five search terms associated with puzzles in the survey are: solved, solved solver , solved solve, solve solve solvers, solved solve solve.

Puzzle solving has been one of the most frequent search terms among students in the NT, with more than half of students saying that they were currently solving a search.

The NTTA has since updated its online resources on the subject, which has also included a new online tool that students can use to solve puzzles.

A number of school resources have also been updated to explain the topic of solving puzzles, including an article by a teacher on the topic.

Australian National University report, June 2018, 5.5MB Advertisement

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