Watch this video of a young girl being dragged from her classroom by her teacher after being diagnosed with a rare neurological disorder

A young girl was dragged from a classroom in Edmonton, Alberta, for more than 20 minutes, while her teachers sat in the back, after her diagnosis with a neurological disorder.CBC News obtained a video from a school employee who witnessed the incident, in which a male teacher allegedly dragged a 10-year-old girl out of the classroom during a test.“The teacher […]

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What do words have to do with the English language?

800 words are an acronym that can refer to any number of words.The most common ones are: noun (including the verb), adjective, adverb, preposition, prepositional phrase, and sentence.For example, an adjective is a noun that means “a thing” or “something that is.”An adverb is a word that makes a statement or implies something.A preposition is a short-hand way of saying […]

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