Which word games is online? Find out online!

4 letter words are a common word search term used in online gaming.They are typically used to search for the word “play” in an online game.The most popular search terms for these words are “play”, “games”, “game”, “video”, “online”, and “online games”.The word “games” is usually used in conjunction with a game title, as it is the term that is […]

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‘Wrecking Ball’ star dies at 91: ‘I’m a wrecking ball’

Actor and comic Bill Paxton, who starred in the 1960s TV show “Wrecker,” died Wednesday at his home in Florida, his son announced.Paxton was 91.He had battled lung cancer since 2013.He starred in dozens of films, including “Walking Tall,” “The Wild Bunch,” “Hannah Montana,” “Mystic River,” “I Love Lucy” and “The Rocky Horror Picture Show.”He was best known for his […]

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