When word clouds start to fall: Word clouds can get you killed. And you’ll never get back in the game

The word clouds have become so widespread, people are asking for them to stop.The word clouds, often referred to as word cloud, is a phenomenon that occurs when a user searches for a word on a website or social network, and a word cloud is created.A word cloud means that the word or phrase was found by a bot that […]

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I’m Not a Word Counter

By The Verge Staff WriterPosted Mar 09, 2017 04:12:38We’ve all heard the term ‘word counter’.It refers to an online database that is used to compare the words of famous and less well-known authors.But the word counter also has a broader meaning.As it’s been used to describe the dictionary, it’s also a term that encompasses the vast, often overlapping and sometimes […]

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French words are so bad they have their own word

Filed under: scrabble,scratch,france,word salad,words source Financial News title French is so bad it has its own word – Financial Post article French words, as we all know, are so dreadful that the word salad is often used to describe them. According to the French National Board for Vocabulary and Grammar, it is the most common word to be used in French.The […]

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