What’s Hank Worden? And what’s the deal with his name?

Hank Wordens’ name has been used to refer to a certain type of shoe.The name has also been used as a generic term for the type of sneakers the company makes, as well as in connection to a particular type of product that they sell.This week, the company is in the news for announcing that it has changed its name […]

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The word ‘Hank’ is a word in the word cheat dictionary

An article about the word ‘hank’ in the dictionary of the word “cheat” has revealed that the word is actually a word containing a picture.The word was created by word expert Hank Worden, who has over 400,000 followers on Facebook.Worden created the word to help people avoid the word hank, which is slang for “a hanky”.The word means “a hapless […]

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