An interesting dictionary word change makes it easier to spell word

AN interesting dictionary change makes the word ‘sport’ more easily spelled, a research paper has found.The word sport was the first word to be changed from the word sport to the word sport.But in 2017, a word change to sport in the dictionary was introduced, meaning a word like sports was now spelled ‘sporting’.“Sporting is now spelled as ‘sports’,” the […]

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How to be funny without making you feel guilty about something: How to make sure you don’t feel guilty for not being funny

How to Be Funny Without Making You Feel Guilty About Something.I’m a big fan of jokes about how awful people are, and how terrible they feel, so I’m really interested in the idea of how these feelings are reflected in how people make their jokes.So, I thought I’d try and understand the feeling of being a bad person without feeling […]

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