‘F**k it’: New Brunswick mother gets $1,500 to ‘save her children’s lives’

A New Brunswick woman is suing the government over the death of her two children after her husband took them out for a walk in the woods, then turned and shot them in the head.Christina Janssen says she was terrified and overwhelmed when her children were killed.She says her husband, Chris Janssens, who has been charged with second-degree murder, used […]

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Which words are more important?

Greetings, fellow humans.I hope you enjoyed the week’s episode of the podcast.I wanted to share some thoughts with you, because I wanted you to know that the podcast is still here and there are people reading and listening.I think you’ll find the podcast to be a good resource for any of you that is interested in learning about your community.I […]

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Scrabble words found and meaning

The word search generator for Scrabbleday.This tool helps you find the word that you are looking for.Scrabbles are used by the general public for many things, from searching for a specific word to looking up a common phrase.Here are some of the ways you can use the Scrabbler word search to find the words you need.1.Find the correct word for […]

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How to make a fun, colorful, creative and entertaining logo with this simple step guide

It’s no secret that logos and other branding tools are all about the wordplay.But as a visual artist and designer, you need to be able to write a catchy, memorable and entertaining font with the stroke of a pen.Here’s a quick guide to getting started with fonts and creating a memorable logo that can stand out.What do you need for […]

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