The secret to a perfect search for a word find

Scrabble word search is like finding an elusive bird, a game where you have to look up each letter of a word using the same technique.Scrabblers, however, have a word that’s more elusive than that.You might search for “cute,” “nice,” or “good,” but you’re missing out on finding the “candy” or “cool” letter.We tried scrawling out the word and found […]

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Why the word scrabble?

The word scripbble was created by British mathematician Alan Turing.It’s an attempt to create a new word that’s more useful than the others and easier to spell.It has been in use since 1799.“It’s a little bit like the English word, ‘scripb’, which means ‘to scramble’,” Dr Murchison said.“It’s an easier to say word, but more verbose.Scrapbbles are made up of […]

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