The words “decoder” and “tattoo” are both in the news

This week, the words “word scrambler” and the word “tatto” have been trending on Twitter.Last week, “decoding” and”tattoos” were trending in the same places, and they seem to be having similar effects.“Decoding” was trending in #buzzfeedmagazine, “tatts” in the Daily Dot, “word” in The Verge.But “tats” is trending in a much more specific place, in The Daily Show.It has been […]

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How to see words in a word art generator

Words have evolved, with many new words added to our language over time.We’ve also seen word changes.This article will help you to see what words you may have used before using them in your word art.If you know of other words you’ve used before, you can add them to the list below.The first step is to check your dictionary to […]

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