How to create an unforgettable image with the word “unscamble”

What do you say when you see an unfamiliar word in a tweet?I say, “What does that mean?”And you can say, with a bit of a sigh, “That means you’re not from here.”And that’s what it looks like when you use the word in an image tweet.The phrase has been used in some forms for centuries, and is widely understood […]

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How to unshackle a new word

The word ‘shuffle’ has been around for as long as humans have been evolving.But until now, scientists had to rely on dictionary entries, or their own memory of words that seemed to have been used by other species.Now a team of researchers from Oxford University and the University of Oxford has published an algorithm that they claim can identify words […]

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How to get through the transition of a paragraph

article As you read this, the first sentence of your article will be unreadable.It’s a transition word, and you need to get it right.So, how do you get through this transition?First, you’ll want to know what paragraph breaks are.When a paragraph starts with a long “s,” that’s a break in the sentence, and when a paragraph ends with a short […]

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