‘Scrambler’ word bubble

The word ‘scrambler’, which refers to a computer virus that affects some computers, has been the subject of many headlines over the last few years, but there has been little debate about its origins.In this week’s edition of BBC News Online, BBC News looks at the origin of the word and how it has been used.The word “scramble” first appears […]

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An interesting dictionary word change makes it easier to spell word

AN interesting dictionary change makes the word ‘sport’ more easily spelled, a research paper has found.The word sport was the first word to be changed from the word sport to the word sport.But in 2017, a word change to sport in the dictionary was introduced, meaning a word like sports was now spelled ‘sporting’.“Sporting is now spelled as ‘sports’,” the […]

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How to unshackle a new word

The word ‘shuffle’ has been around for as long as humans have been evolving.But until now, scientists had to rely on dictionary entries, or their own memory of words that seemed to have been used by other species.Now a team of researchers from Oxford University and the University of Oxford has published an algorithm that they claim can identify words […]

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