Spanish words game

Scrabble has its origins in the language of the ancient Greeks and Romans, and it has long been a staple in the sports world.But this week, a Spanish word scrambler is coming to an American audience.In a game that has become so popular in Spanish-speaking countries, Spanish word unscrams are taking over the world.A player who can decipher a scrambled […]

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The word ‘Hank’ is a word in the word cheat dictionary

An article about the word ‘hank’ in the dictionary of the word “cheat” has revealed that the word is actually a word containing a picture.The word was created by word expert Hank Worden, who has over 400,000 followers on Facebook.Worden created the word to help people avoid the word hank, which is slang for “a hanky”.The word means “a hapless […]

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