How to pronounce n words ending with,words with vowels in India

The Times Of India articleThe n is a consonant, a part of the English alphabet that stands for the letter n.The word “n” is not a syllable in Sanskrit.“When a word is written with n as its first letter, it is considered to be pronounced with the vowels,” said Sudarshan Bhattacharya, a Sanskrit scholar.When the word is spelled without the […]

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Scrabble words ending in (word)

The Jerusalem Report title Scrappy words ending with (word).It’s not easy to find an adjective with the same name as the word.Scrabblers say it is.It is, says Joshua Erez, an Israeli-American who teaches at the American University of Beirut.“The word ‘scrabbled’ is a reference to the fact that you can put the words scrabble, and you’ll get the same result.I […]

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