Obama to announce $1.2 trillion in new stimulus, $1 trillion in spending on education, roads, energy

President Barack Obama will unveil $1 billion in new spending and tax breaks to bolster the economy on Monday, and he will announce $500 billion in spending to rebuild America’s roads and bridges, and a $1-trillion boost to the military, the White House said.Obama plans to announce a series of other tax breaks, including $1,200 per family for single people […]

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What did President Donald Trump say about the Iran nuclear deal?

President Donald Trumps first major foreign policy speech on Iran has been a long-awaited moment, with his speech being delivered in front of a cheering audience in Washington, DC, and at the White House in Washington.The speech has been met with mixed reception, with some Democrats criticizing the president for using the speech to take a swipe at the Iranian […]

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